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Meet the Motohawk Team! James

Meet the Motohawk Team! James

Motohawk is run by a team of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts from our base at the foot of The Cotswolds. Surrounded by stunning motorcycling roads, it's an idyllic setting, crammed full of character and wonderful people. We thought we'd take some time during the November lockdown to introduce ourselves, so you can get to know the faces behind the scenes!

Let's start with the boss man himself...

James Millar - Founder of Motohawk

Name: James Millar

What do you do at Motohawk?

I’m the Founder here at Motohawk. When you start a new business you get involved in absolutely everything so you’ll find me bouncing from one thing to the next to keep our customers happy and keep Motohawk growing.

Rider or pillion?

Rider. The only time I’ve been a pillion passenger was on my friends’ Hayabusa. We rode through the streets of London on our way to band rehearsal. I knew nothing about bikes back then so had no idea what I was sat on - absolutely nuts!

James' Ducati Monster 1200S

Favourite bike:

My Ducati Monster 1200S - that you can make so many individual components work so seamlessly together AND look so beautiful never ceases to amaze me.

Best 2 wheeled adventure you’ve been on:

Riding around the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam. I got a puncture and the bike literally rolled to a stop outside a little motorbike shop... lucky! The welcome reminded me how much motorcyclists are part of a community across languages and cultures.

What do you love about motorcycling?

I think at the heart of it, I love the thrill of it. That’s not to say I ride on the edge as I don’t think I do. I’ve often found myself justifying why I ride a bike to people whether it’s the pollution vs cars, traffic reduction or even social distancing these days. Fundamentally though, travel by car is just easier so there must be a reason why we all suit up come rain or shine and head out on our bikes. And for me, I think I’m a little bit addicted to the thrill of sitting astride a motorcycle.

Shoei GT-Air 2 Full Face Helmet

Motohawk Wishlist:

I love my Shoei GT Air 2 Helmet - super-comfortable and feels great but I hadn’t quite appreciated how much fly-splat shows up on a white helmet! I’m in the market for some winter gloves - I always struggle to find ones that don’t look like converted ski gloves but have my eye on the Alpinestars Jet V2s.

James' son trying on an AGV helmet for size - a biker in the making!

Where will we find you on the weekend?

I’ve got two young kids, Ben and Jack, so you’ll mostly find me hanging out with the family. If I can sneak a couple of hours on the bike you’ll generally find me somewhere in the Cotswolds - Motohawk is lucky to be based a few minutes from Fish Hill and some of the most beautiful riding roads in the country.

Any secret talents?

I’ve been a drummer in bands since I was a teenager. I’m self-taught and was terrible for years and then it finally clicked. It’s a brilliant stress reliever!

Fancy chatting Ducatis or learning more about Shoei helmets? Get in touch with James and the team by giving us a call on 01386 244404, emailing or messaging us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Next up...

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Meet the Motohawk Team! Charlotte

Meet the Motohawk Team! Charlotte

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